Science of Optimal Happiness

Whoever is the happiest wins

​We all have the great gift of life, and we only get one amazing body to go through life with. When was the last time you remember being happy or at peace?  Are you feeling stuck, unhappy, or frustrated with your life?  Do these feelings of being “stuck” hinder you from feeling loved, happy or successful? Are you experiencing sensations of depression and anxiety?  Do you want your life back? Do you want change?  


We all know our minds are connected to our bodies. We now know that many physical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression and even cancer can result from chronic stress and unhappiness. Too much focus is spent on giving medication to cope with the symptoms of a condition, rather than actually empowering the person to improve their overall life. 

Dr. Martin’s unique goal-oriented counseling style is informed with the knowledge of how each person’s body, mind and emotions are interconnected. Our Science of Optimal Happiness program is designed to support you develop new patterns of thinking, with the aim of decreasing stress, enhancing personal awareness and empowerment, and increasing overall happiness and sense of peace. 

Everyone has the power to be energetic, vibrantly healthy, and happy. Here is a taste of Dr. Martin’s lecture on the Science of Happiness called “Built for Love”. It begins with understanding suffering and addressing hurt so you can begin living your Optimal Life. The entirety of his lecture can be found on YouTube.