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Optimal Living Medicine

We want to see our patients thriving, not limited to just ‘surviving’. The mission of our Optimal Living and Optimal Aging programs is to protect, restore, and give long-term support to the person and their body. Our programs take a holistic approach, creating and enhancing health from the, “outside-in” and the “inside-out”.


Healing from the “inside-out” focuses on supporting the body’s cells, tissues, and organs. This includes lowering inflammation, reversing damage caused by free radicals, and balancing blood sugar levels (all major factors in chronic disease, and fast aging). Treatment methods include dietary changes and incorporating nutraceuticals, bio-identical hormones, and exercise.


“Outside-in” typically refers to removing or limiting exposure to harmful environmental factors like smoke, pollution, processed foods, toxins, and stress. It can also include aesthetic treatments to protect tissue, like your skin. 


Our Optimal Living Medicine approach looks at the person as a whole. More and more research shows the direct connection between a person’s health and how they think and feel. Emotional health plays a major role in the body’s ability to heal, so we include stress reduction and emotional happiness as part of our treatment plans. 


Our Science of Optimal Happiness program is designed to support you develop new patterns of thinking, with the aim of decreasing stress, enhancing personal awareness and empowerment, and increasing overall happiness and sense of peace. 


While every person is unique and their treatment will reflect their individual needs, there are some general practices used for treating most patients. Our Optimal Living and Optimal Aging programs, which include disease prevention, are accomplished in three phases: Build-up, Balance, and Maintenance. Each phase focuses on encouraging the body to regenerate and maintain optimal health. 

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