Optimal Living Medicine protects, restores and supports the body, (and person) to be in a thriving state, (moves away from being in survival mode), it encourages the body to regenerate and maintain optimal health. Optimal aging deals with every aspect of creating and enhancing health from the, “outside in” and the “inside out”.


The outside in may involve cosmetic applications to protect tissues like the skin, but it typically refers to removing or limiting exposure to harmful environmental factors like smoke, pollution, processed foods, toxins, and stress etc.


The inside out, is done more to supported the bodies cells, tissues and organs. This includes lowering inflammation & free radicals, balancing blood sugar, (major factors in chronic disease and fast aging) using dietary changes and the incorporation of professional nutraceuticals, bio-identical hormones, exercise and hydration.


The added benefit within Optimal Living Medicine is the incorporation of stress reduction and emotional happiness into health. More and more research is showing the direct connection between how a person thinks and feels and their health. Emotional health is a major factor is optimal aging (the way we are programmed to think effects how we feel and heal). This is supported by learning or reprogramming  new patterns of thinking aimed to decrease stress, enhance awareness, create peace/power and increase overall happiness – see Science of Optimal Happiness. 


Even though every person is unique, there are some general themes used for 90% of every patient, see Optimal Health, Aging and Vitality Treatment Themes. At EnerChanges™ Clinic, Optimal Health, Aging and Vitality along with disease prevention is accomplished in three phases in the clinic. Build-up, Balance and Maintenance Phase

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