"I've got my curves back!"

is the most common statement we hear in our clinic, women (and men) are noticing that the waist they thought was “long gone” has now come back, thanks to the cutting edge and targeted – Rapid Metabolic Hormone Weight Loss Program™

The Rapid Metabolic Hormone Weight Loss Program® is a cutting edge highly effective approach to stubborn fat loss, which takes the EnerChanges Hormone Diet program and combines it with modern research, blood testing and Bio-Identical hormones, when indicated.

This program includes:

Initial in-depth visit 

Used to design the best program based on your goals and current health.


Review of the clinic program and educational video – “Stubborn Weight”


Metabolic & Hormonal Testing, hormone – thyroid, testosterone, etc, gliadin (gluten/wheat), fasting insulin and inflammatory markers. Costs vary depending on the patient’s pre-existing conditions and current health and goals.

Metabolic Hormone Prescription

Depending on what is required this can include, bio-identical hormones such as – estrogen, progesterone, HGH, thyroid and Metabolic Hormone maybe prescribed. See Hormones and Weight.

Dexa Body Fat Scan

Typically performed with over 100lbs to lose, or over age 50.

Detoxification and Metabolic Nutritional Support

Used to remove fat stored toxins, control blood sugar, food cravings and ensure proper muscle retention.

Professional Visits

Weekly assessment and check-in, injection pack pick-up, Myer’s vitamin & Lipotropic injections – used to support and create a “non-stressed” state of rapid fat loss. 

At EnerChanges Clinic, the Rapid Metabolic Program has shown consistent safe, rapid & comfortable fat loss, that give long-term retraining of the fat cells. See Patient Testimonials – For more information or to book your consultation please call 604-681-8380. Some costs, such as patient visit and prescriptions may be covered under your extended health plans. For more information see Metabolic Weightloss FAQ.

Common Required Supplementation:

  • Protein detoxification/anti-inflammatory shake

  • Liver and Kidney detoxification support

  • Blood sugar control

  • Digestive Enzymes

  • Amino acids to minimize muscle loss

  • Multi-vitamin to ensure all nutrient levels are intact

  • Fiber to bind up the fat/toxin at night

What can be done before your visit:


  • Call or arrange the office visit to start your program.


  • Start decreasing the “temptation foods” from the house, such as candy, pop, chips.


  • Pick-up – food measuring scale, a digital weight scale


  • Create a list of any existing supplements and or prescription medications to review.

To book a consultation, call 604-565-8380

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