Lorraine (-20lbs)

Optimal Aging & Rapid Metabolic Hormone Weightloss

At age 67, Lorraine started her Optimal Aging program April, 2012. With the help of our Rapid Metabolic Hormone Weightloss Program and TrueStar nutraceuticals, she lost 20lbs and 12 inches of stubborn weight. As of June 6, 2012, her mood, energy and sleep has improved and she has increased vitality and zest for life...along with her blood pressure normalizing. 

Karen (-30lbs)

Rapid Metabolic Hormone Weightloss Program & Optimal Aging

On her second session of the Rapid Metabolic Hormone Weightloss and Optimal Aging, Karen has experienced better energy, mood and vibrant skin tone. Her final check in after losing 30lbs was on September 26, 2012...and she has maintained her new weight! 

Pat (-45lbs)

Optimal Aging & Rapid Metabolic Hormone Weightloss

At seventy years old, Pat was experiencing low hormone dysfunction, menopausal symptoms and stubborn weight. With Dr. Brian Martin's Optimal Aging and Rapid Metabolic Program using metabolic diet, professional nutraceuticals, bio-identical hormone therapy and prescription HCG, she has better sleep, enerfy and quality of life. She also has lost almost 45lbs and over 19 inches. 

Constance (-25lbs)

Optimal Aging & Rapid Metabolic Hormone Weightloss

Having trouble with sleep, energy and stubborn weight, Constance lost 25lbs with Dr. Brian Martin's Rapid Metabolic Hormone Weightloss Program along with bio-identical hormones. She also has developed a new relationship with food and her weight that supports her new health.

Emily (-20lbs)

Optimal Aging & Rapid Metabolic Hormone Weightloss

Trapped in menopause with low energy, lack of zest for life, sleep problems and increased midsection weight, Emily had steady improvement for her symptoms after starting our weightloss program. She had lost over 20lbs of stubborn weight and had better energy, sleep and mood.

Female (Age 67)

Weightloss, Menopause & Energy

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