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"My ability to perform the stunt work I do for a living would be seriously in question if it were not for Dr. Martins council and prescription. What makes me really happy is that the effectiveness of his treatment has also made my personal activities amazing a well. I do high level martial arts 2 times a week as well as ride dirt bikes regularly not to mention my own varied style of resistance training which, again, is considered high intensity by most. At 54 years old, I am not only holding my own with people 20 and 30 years younger, but pushing farther forward in my progression with everything. 
If that weren't enough, Tara and the whole staff are very friendly, considerate, fast and accurate in whatever is needed. 
With all the things we are expected to rate as good or bad in this world... This was by far the easiest 5's across the board I've ever done and do so with hopes Dr. Martin and his staff are helping people for a very long time."


Brad Kelly
Professional Stunt/Actor


Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

This 62 year professional presented with fatigue, low libido, sleep disturbances. He was put on the "male building program", involving specific nutraceuticals, and hormone replacement therapy. Within the first few weeks he was already reporting a vast improvement in his overall vitality and ability to cope with stress.


Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

This 40 year old professional shift worker presented with low hormone syndrome or Andropause. He was very active, had a good diet. He presented with;sweats, low libido, fatigue, muscle aches, foggy thinking and decreased motivation. After the "male builder program" that included prescription bio-identical hormones (testosterone, thyroid and human growth hormone) and specific nutraceuticals, he noticed vast improvement in all areas.


Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

This 49 year old professional shift worker was active, had a good diet and still presented with; low libido, mild fatigue and decreased motivation. After a the "male builder program" which included bio-identical hormones (testosterone and thyroid) and specific nutraceuticals, he noticed rapid improvement in all areas.

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