HGH for Traumatic Brain Injury

Pamela improved her sleep, energy, memory, mood along with an amazing decrease in headaches after seeing Dr. Brian Martin of EnerChanges using the Human Growth Hormone program for Traumatic Brain Injury.


HGH for Muscle, Joint and Pain Rehab & Drug Lowering

This 42 year old male came to us April 2014, weighing in at an unhealthy 240lbs (around 35% body fat), he was not able to get in shape due to his chronic pain and was taking 18-24 painkillers a day. After intravenous vitamin therapy (to stimulate the immune system, and promote healing), acupuncture and soft tissue work and hormone replacement including small amounts of HGH, he is pain and prescription free.


“My life has completely changed! I sleep well, with some work and commitment, I eat better, work out 6 days a week and bounce out of bed in the morning. I lost almost 30lbs and have a 6 pack starting! My new body fat is between 11-12%. To Dr. Brian Martin and Dr. Farnsworth and your team, I thank you for helping me change my life. Kind Regards, Zack"

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