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Optimal Weight Loss

What are the main factors in the Rapid Metabolic Weight Loss Program?

1) Supplying nutrient rich calories

Stubborn fat is not as simple as “Calories in” vs Calories out“!! We all know that basic principle of calories in versus calories out, however in the presence of metabolic imbalances, the body is in a “STRESSED, CONFLICT or SURVIVAL state and switches to a “fat storage” bank, using calories from essential muscle and other tissue. This muscle burning (catabolic) creates a vicious cycle of more stress and more stubborn weight, typically seen on the midsection and thighs.  In today’s lifestyle the equation is not always what you, “take in” versus what you “let go” but more so what your body ”hangs on” to.

2) Maintaining Lean Muscle

Add in weight training - to off set and retrain the muscle eating effects as mentioned above, supporting ans stimulating lean muscles with adequate protein is essential (as high as 0.5-1.0 gm of protein per/lb of body weight) and adding in 15-30 minutes of weights or resistance training 1-2 x a week is all we need to keep the muscle content high. Maintaining lean muscle also help to burn fat in the long run.


3) Dietary Changes to support blood sugar 

Dietary changes including – liquids with fructose and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and foods with a low calorie high glycemic (carbohydrate) index (anything over 50). These create a rapid sugar and insulin spike and then rapid drop or crash, leaving the cells on the inside of you to store fat and you on the outside the message to eat more.  This constant elevated insulin tells the body you’re in “trouble”, causing fat cells to “shut down and protect”, making it impossible to burn fat, forcing your body to eat up muscle. This is why insulin testing is part of the basic metabolic program.


4) Food Cravings and Hunger

Consistent action bring on consistent results, and successively training your body to burn fat and keep it off must include methods to balance appetite, hunger, food craving and binge eating. These are controlled and triggered by emotional stress, hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances. We know that 90% of overweight people are deficient in serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and/or epinephrine. In a clinic setting these may tested functionally and treated. These chemical messengers affect every system in the body, and are made even worse with Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, Welbutrin, etc.


5) Stress and Emotions

A body at peace does not gain weight, and in order to truly be susccessful the emotional component is always looked at. See the happiness training.

6) Compliance 

Desire, and direction and the right metabolic support replaces having to struggle incredibly with superhuman will power and self control.

The Rapid Metabolic Program solved the most common "compliance" problems

  • I get too HUNGRY or CRAVE sweets and carbohydrates whenever I diet……this makes it hard to stick with.

  • I have been on every diet and nothing works, not matter what I do I seem to be putting on weight

  • I have lost weight before but then, I ALWAYS GAIN IT BACK AND THEN SOME.

  • I can lose that first 10 to 20 pounds but then I seem to stop, get bored or sabotage myself.

  • When ever I am bored, depressed or anxious……eating makes me feel better and then I feel worse.

EnerChanges Rapid Metabolic Hormone Program address all of these concerns and produces consistent, long lasting weight loss results even for those who have “tried diet after diet unable to lose it or keep it off.”

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