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How to Prepare your hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) for Injection
How to Prepare HGH (Human Growth Hormone) - Saizen 8.8mg & EasyPod
Testosterone Therapy - Injectable & Transdermal
How to Apply Bio-Identical Transdermal Creams
Birth Control Hormone Comparisons
InfoFit School and Fitness Training
InfoFit - Instructors / Trainer - Sylvain Cry
InfoFit - Instructors / Trainer - Cathy Glennon
InfoFit - Trainer TSquared Training - Troy Tyrell
Patient - Private Insurance Programs - Medical Dental Extended Health
Patient - Private Insurance Programs - Medical Dental Extended Health Brochure
Patient - Private Financing Options


The next and most vital step is begining an Education. We have compiled a series of educational videos and lectures to help you expand your knowlegde for health and well-being. These resources will help you be prepared and up to date for your visit, so please feel free to review the videos and materials most related to your needs. 

Educational Lecture Videos (Youtube) 

  Optimal Aging Introduction – Dr. Brian Martin Lecture

  EnerChanges Rapid Metabolic HCG Program – Dr. Brian Martin Lecture

Educational PDF Files 

Educational Links (Enerchanges) 

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