Would you like to lower your use of prescription drugs? A new survey commissioned by the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine reveals that almost half of those treated by naturopathic doctors reported a reduction of their prescription drugs.


In addition 40% reported fewer visits to their family doctors, and 30% less hospital visits, all as a result of the care they receive from naturopathic doctors. When calculated from a dollar saving perspective, it is in the billions.


For the past 20 years I have been able  to lower patients reliance on pharmaceutical drugs that are not needed after they have improved their health. This is very satisfying since in many cases these patients have been told they could never remove or decrease then. These experiences are the closest thing that any optimal aging doctor can brag about, it’s our trophy…it is a result of a patients becoming healthier (reversing their disease condition). It includes every type of drug, but by far the most is the antidepressants, statin and blood pressure medication.


The hard core truth is that most (not all) drugs should never be used in the long term, short term drugs can save your live and even help you cope when live becomes more than we can handle, but in long term however most drugs fall very short of their claims.

The goal of EnerChanges Clinic Drug Removal Program is simple, decrease many drugs as possible while increasing the patient overall quality of life.


This revolutionary program means giving the body what it needs when it needs it, this involve dietary changes, nutritional and hormonal support and of needed mental emotional coaching.


It is important to  individualize your withdrawal and recovery program based on your specific biochemical needs.


Related to drugs that effect mood (antidepressants, anti-anxiety etc, and street drugs), treatments are tailored to include specific amino acids to help reactivate damaged or drug desensitized neuroreceptors in the brain.


The most challenging part is the retraining or drug detox due to the long term effects of drugs on the brain, without proper treatment decreasing medications (or street drugs) often results in a rebound effect leaving the person more susceptible to addictive tendencies, sabotage and failure reinforcing the cycle of drug abuse.

EnerChanges had numerous treatments aimed to repair damaged proteins in a drug user’s brain, basically giving the brain the chemicals that it is craving, but in a more normal healthy way. 

Wonder whether you have an addiction?  Check the boxes that apply below:

  • You find yourself focusing on drugs to the exclusion of friends and family.

  • The thought of living without the drug seems impossible or painful.

  • You are in jeopardy of losing your job or family because of your drug use.

  • You use drugs when you are alone.

  • You feel trapped and can’t go on living the way you’re living.

  • You hide your drug use or the amount you use.

  • You refuse to go places where you cannot use your drug.

  • You use drugs to cover up emotional pain like anger, loss, loneliness.

  • Friends and family have commented on your use being excessive.

  • You feel that you are beyond help.

  • You continue to use drugs despite negative consequences.

  • Your drug use interferes with sleeping and eating.

  • Your drug use is affecting your financial stability.

  • You have made unsuccessful attempts at cutting back on your drug use.

  • Your drug use is affecting your family and relationships.

Withdrawal from narcotics, whether street drugs or prescribed medication, is physically and psychologically painful, often requiring assistance from a medical professional. EnerChanges Drug Lowering Program uses nutritional, botanical and hormonal options to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal. These includeintravenous vitamin therapy with amino acids, powerful nutraceuticals such as, Rhodioloa, GABA, L-theanine and magnesium. When necessary other lower risk medications can be prescribed that also helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms.


It is highly recommended to make an appointment with Enerchanges before beginning the process of tapering your dose of narcotics. There are several steps that need to be taken first before beginning.  Whether we are helping someone detox off of coffee, sugar, cigarettes, Vicodin or heroin we always builds them up first before beginning the process of removing the addictive agent.  This building up phase includes nutrition, vitamins, environment, mental state, etc.



The first step to lower your medications or to help decrease reliance or addictions is to book a functional medical assessment looking for conditions in the body (i.e. functional & chemical disorders, neurotransmitter levels, nutritional requirements and deficiencies, etc.) that contribute to addictive behaviors, and addiction in general. This allows us to individualize your withdrawal and recovery program based on your specific biochemical needs.


We the proceed with beginning the detox process which emphasizes minimizing the withdrawal side effects as much as possible. As detox progresses, we are then able to begin the Restoration and Repair Phase of our treatments which emphasizes restoring neurotransmitter levels to normal levels while repairing damaged neuroreceptors.


If you are struggling or suffering in any way as a result of pharmaceutical or recreational drug dependancy call today to book your consultation and begin the journey to a healthy you.

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